Yush Yush Inhaler Cap

What Is the Yush Yush Inhaler Cap?

An in-depth breakdown and how-to guide on this game-changing playtime accessory

Ah, poppers. Up until now, we’ve had a love–hate relationship with this euphoria-inducing liquid aroma.

On the one hand, we love the rush, the high, the loosening of our stresses and certain body parts that help us enjoy our time in the bedroom to the max. On the other hand, we’re not so thrilled with the spills, the splashes, the embarrassing skin rashes, and the struggle to get those darned things open with both hands while we’re in the middle of a climactic moment. You feel us, right?

That’s why we created the Yush Yush inhaler cap—an add-on accessory that has changed the game for how poppers are enjoyed. This innovative, patent-pending inhaler cap was thoughtfully designed to facilitate the use of poppers so you can focus on enjoying the moment without missing a beat.


Why you need the Yush Yush inhaler cap

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The inhaler cap primarily addresses three problems:

Problem #1: Existing poppers bottles are not designed to be inhaled from directly. Often, the inhalation process leads to accidental contact of the liquid with skin, potentially leading to uncomfortable skin irritation and embarrassing skin rashes.

Problem #2: Traditionally, poppers users have to stop any and all action (like sex) to unscrew the poppers bottle cap with both hands.

Problem #3: Once opened, that beloved bottle of poppers is like a wild card. It takes intense care and concentration, and what feels like surgeon-level steady hands, to bring that bottle up to your nose without spilling or splashing the liquid over your face, clothes, or bed.

The Yush Yush inhaler cap completely replaces the screw-on cap of standard poppers bottles and tackles all the above problems (and more!) for your convenience and peace of mind. We’re talking no more messes, no more poppers nose, and no more stopping mid-sex just to fumble with the screw-on cap.

YY Problems

The three main problems and solutions that the Yush Yush inhaler cap aims to address.

Benefits of using the inhaler cap


A breakdown of the Yush Yush inhaler cap and how it works.

The ingeniously designed, Canadian-made Yush Yush inhaler cap eliminates common problems associated with using poppers. It’s a replacement cap that securely seals the contents of the poppers bottle when not in use, and boasts a number of benefits that will completely change the way you enjoy poppers:

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  • It’s spill-proof and splash-proof, no matter what you’re doing or what position you’re in (yes, even upside down!);
  • The diffuser wick helps draw the bottle’s content to the cap while keeping the liquid contained, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your favorite bag or bedsheets anymore;
  • The ergonomic design allows you to fully open and close the cap with just one hand, so you can free up your other hand to do whatever else you love to do;
  • It prevents the liquid from contact with skin, so you can enjoy your poppers without worrying about getting “poppers nose”;
  • It’s expertly designed with 12 ambient airflow channels to allow for seamless airflow and oh-so-smooth inhalation;
  • It retrofits standard poppers bottles and securely seals the contents for maximum freshness;
  • It’s made with HDPE plastic—a high-grade, durable material that’s resistant to most chemicals, making the inhaler cap reusable over and over again.

Installing the Yush Yush inhaler cap

YY Installation
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The Yush Yush kit comes with one reusable inhaler cap and two diffuser wicks. Installation is super simple:

  1. Insert the diffuser wick into the inhaler cap by twisting the stick clockwise inside the allotted hole. Make sure that the stick goes all the way into the end of the cap until it can’t be pushed in any further.
  2. Unscrew the cap on the existing poppers bottle. The Yush Yush inhaler cap completely replaces the original, so you won’t need it anymore.
  3. Insert the Yush Yush inhaler cap into the bottle and screw it shut like you would with the original cap.
  4. Your poppers bottle is now securely sealed for maximum freshness!
YY Installation Guide

Using the Yush Yush inhaler cap

YY Poppers Usage Guidelines
  1. The inhaler cap can be fully operated with just one hand! Place your thumb on the indented part of the cap for best ease of use. Hold onto the other side of the cap with your index and middle fingers for a secure grip.
  2. Twist the top part of the cap counterclockwise to open and allow airflow.
  3. Place the cap directly into your nostril (just the tip will suffice, for once).
  4. Inhale through the tip of the cap to your heart’s content.
  5. When you’re finished, twist the cap clockwise until it doesn’t go any further. This will securely seal the contents inside to preserve maximum freshness of your poppers until the next dose.

Cleaning the Yush Yush inhaler cap

Soap and water, or some rubbing alcohol, is all you need to keep the exterior of your inhaler cap in clean and pristine condition! Gently wipe the inhaler cap tip (that comes into contact with your nostril), ideally after every use.

For the interior of your inhaler cap, use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and gently swipe the inside every time you change the diffuser wick (we usually recommend a fresh diffuser for each bottle of poppers).

Easy as one, two, breathe

YY How to use

And that’s it! Within minutes, you’ll have painlessly and successfully installed your Yush Yush inhaler cap onto your favorite poppers bottle(s), and it’s ready to go no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

No matter when the desire hits—whether you’re busting your best moves on the dance floor or upside down in the bedroom for whatever reason—this baby will help you enjoy a blissful whiff without worrying about any splashing or spilling. Don’t take it as a challenge though; our expertly engineered inhaler cap is spill-proof under normal circumstances, but not when you’re vigorously shaking it like you’re trying to win a beating-off contest. Please use both our inhaler cap and poppers responsibly!

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